October 10th

Code Assignment: Create a Parametric 3D Form.

Using the 3D mode in Processing, create a parameterized 3D form

The form can be a variation of the vase shape demonstrated in class, or a new 3D design that you create using the Processing 3D primitives and shapes. You can create a form that is abstract (i.e. an amorphous shape) or representational (i.e. a chair). Your program must include the following:

An explicit set of constraints- i.e. the constants in your design

At least one degree of freedom- i.e. the variables in your design

A simple interface that exposes these variables for exploration or tuning. This can include a set of sliders for continious values, a gallery that generates a range, or something that combines these approaches.

Chose three "succesful" outcomes from your parametric system and save screenshots of them.

After creating your design, write a 1 paragraph description of how you chose the constraints and degrees of freedom in your design.

Upload your Processing code, screenshots to your github repository in the projects/week3 directory. Also upload a text or markdown document with your 1 paragraph description. Please upload this material by 6:00 PM Monday evening. We will try out your parametric sytems in class on Tuesday October 15th.