October 17th

Code Assignment: Create a Parametric Design that incorporates some form of noise or external input and produce 3 variations with it.

Your design can build off the examples presented in class, extend your parametric form from the previous assignment, or build off the random and noise examples presented in Bohnacker's Generative Design. Your program must include the following:

A set of user-controlled parameters and a simple interface that exposes these parameter for tuning

At least one generative input i.e. random numbers, Perlin noise, a Gaussian distribution, or another form of generative input that is constrained, scaled, or otherwise shaped by the user controlled parameters.

By modifying the parameters of your design, create 3 variations. These variations should strive to be as visually-distinct from one another as possible.

Write a 1 paragraph description of how you chose to incorporate the random or noise-based properties of your design.

Upload your Processing code and screenshots to your github repository in the projects/week4 directory. Also upload a text or markdown document with your 1 paragraph description. Please upload this material by 6:00 PM Monday evening.